Community Outreach Ministry

Gina Brooks

The community outreach ministry works hard to bring people together by showing individuals the love of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  By partnering with larger organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, His House Children’s Home, Habitat for Humanity and the Miami Rescue Mission, this ministry has touched the lives of many, young and old.

One of the best things about the community Outreach Ministry is that it gives children the opportunity to minister alongside their parents.  With outreach events on major holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas; or quarterly breakfasts prepared and served for the homeless, our kids have taken on the responsibility of working just as hard as the adults to make sure their actions reflect Christ’s love.

The Sprouts Children’s Ministry

Stanton & Idara Harris

We are so excited about the way God is moving in our ministry. Our children are changing right before our eyes; becoming bold, compassionate and fearless warriors for Christ. Volunteering in the community has made them more aware of not only what GOD has blessed them with but it has also opened their eyes to the needs of others. This is being done to the point where they are creating their own ministries! We are grateful that GOD has chosen us to partake in equipping and shaping the lives of His children. As we plant seeds of faith into the lives that God has trusted us with, we are reminded that the harvest may not come for months or even years; but still, we must keep sowing. It is our Kingdom duty to equip His children with seeds of faith; so during their appointed time they are able to fulfill their walk in this life, for the purpose of the Kingdom.


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