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Senior Pastor Eric Harris and Pastor Lea Harris, have been married Since 1986 and have five wonderful children. Although, they were only 21 and 19 years old when they married, they made a conscious decision to keep The Lord in the center of their lives. They endured through many trials and tribulations but refused to ever give up. God had become their firm foundation.

In 1991 they became Youth Pastors of a church in Hollywood, Florida where they were dedicated members. The youth ministry quickly grew from five disinterested teenagers to over one hundred fired-up, Jesus loving teens.

In 1998, The Lord spoke to Pastor Eric to start a church, with no building or money. His first Sunday morning service was with Pastor Lea and their five children in the living room of their two-bedroom apartment. They quickly out grew the living space and began to rent from a hotel and then to the space they currently occupy.

Pastor Eric is an anointed teacher who always has a powerful message that stirs the heart and causes the listener to dig deeper into the things of God. He is obedient in his calling and loves his sheep. He is truly a man of God that leads by example and teaches from the Word

Pastor Lea is a true worshipper at heart. She loves to share revelation concerning the power and importance of worship. She truly believes that worship is the entrance into the Lord’s Presence. Together, Pastors Eric and Lea are a dynamic team who have been anointed and appointed for, ‘such a time as this.’